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A differential is the mechanical device that divides the engine torque and allows each output to spin at a different speed. Vehicles may have front-wheel-drive differentials, rear-wheel-drive differentials or all-wheel-drive differentials.

Since the wheels on a vehicle sometimes spin at different speeds and move slightly different distances when turning, a device is needed to allow each to rotate at a different speed (hence the name “differential”). A differential also provides the final gear reduction that slows the rotational speed of the transmission before it reaches the wheels. 

Maximum Overdrive offers automotive axle, differential (drivetrain) service and repair on domestic and foreign vehicles. Our ASE certified mechanics here in Redkey are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality automotive axle and differential parts with fast, friendly, and knowledgeable service in an environment based on mutual respect. We service both automatic and manual transmissions, both foreign and domestic.



CV joints connect by the driveshaft.  Vehicles that are front wheel drive use CV joints on the front axles.  The CV joints allow the axle to change and bend while helping the bounce of the vehicle wheels. Through normal use, your vehicle’s axles, CV joints, and driveshaft components often require regular maintenance or replacement / repair services. Our ASE certified technicians at our shop are specialists at repairs and replacements of your entire driveshaft and components.

Signs to Look for when Scheduling an Inspection of Axles, CV Joint or Driveshaft:

  • Clicking or clunking noises are often a sign that a CV joint needs to be replaced.

  •   Vibrations during acceleration may indicate a damaged driveshaft, though they may also point to an axle issue depending on the layout of your vehicle.

  •   Turning and steering issues can arise due to driveshaft problems.

CV joints often go bad when grease leaks out of a damaged CV boot, leading to degrading over time.

Our drivetrain specialists service import and domestic vehicles with both automatic and manual transmissions.



One of the serviceable components in a four wheel drive (4WD) system is the Transfer Case. Transfer case operates in 4WD vehicles with the help of gears and, in many modern cars, a chain. Usually, a transfer case indirectly connects to the transmission’s rear. The transmission sends power to the transfer case, which in turn, sends the power (torque), to the front and rear drive shafts.

Because of the transfer case, the wheels can spin at the same speed, and the vehicle is able to enter or maintain its four wheel drive. Often, part-time 4WD vehicles use a transfer case with an extra set of gears that allows for the creation of extra torque through the selection of a high or low gear range. This can make it easier to climb steep hills and mountains.

Transfer cases also contain a lubricant that keeps gears running correctly. Because they are a significant part of the 4WD system, it is important that drivers maintain them.

Adhering to proper service intervals for transfer case maintenance can help extend the life of your transfer case and 4WD system. Being aware of the symptoms of a faulty transfer case can assist with determining the proper time to have your transfer case serviced. Warning signs include grinding noise, difficulty shifting into 4WD, and leaking lubrication.

Contaminated lubricant can harm the gears inside a transfer case. Our team can look over your transfer case and replace any bad fluid. We’ll also review the case, its gears, and if present, the chain. When you’re ready, let us help you prevent unnecessary damage to your 4WD system with our transfer case service.

Maximum Overdrive drivers trust our team of certified ASE mechanics. Come discover why we are considered the top choice for transmission repair and transfer cases year-after-year.


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Is your clutch slipping? Do you find it difficult to shift gears? If so, your vehicle may be long overdue for a clutch adjustment or repair. A problem with your clutch or manual transmission is something you should not ignore. Your clutch requires an experienced and versatile mechanic.

At Maximum Overdrive our ASE technicians provide comprehensive clutch repair services for both domestic and foreign cars and trucks, along with high performance, antique and racing transmissions.

Don’t Ignore the Problem – Clutches Generally Fail in One of Two Functions:

  1. Their ability to engage (pedal out, primary position); or

  2. Their ability to disengage (pedal depressed).

Either of these two failures do not always necessitate the need for a major or complete clutch replacement. However, very often a minimal clutch repair and/or maintenance is all that is needed.