Transmission Diagnostics

Diagnosis and transmission services are done by appointment only.

We have diagnostic computers that scan the vehicle to help us pinpoint the problem.Did you know that just because your engine light is on does not mean you have a engine problem? This very well might be a transmission code. If you are experiencing transmission problems it may not be a problem within the transmission itself. Modern day vehicles are equipped with a number of solenoids, sensor, computers, and other electronic controls that fail or wear out. Just because you are having transmission problems doesn't mean you need a rebuild. It is important to call us to make an appointment first. This way we can Diagnose your current problem.


Scheduled Maintenance

When we do a transmission service, the first thing we do is scan and road test the vehicle to get an idea of the general health of the transmission. We then drain the fluid, remove the pan and check the condition of the fluid remaining in the pan. Fresh transmission fluid will be bright red but will darken over use and time. If the fluid smells burnt it's a sign of a problem. We then clean the pan and check for an unusual amount of metal shavings (A small amount is completely normal.) which can indicate an internal transmission problem. We then install a new gasket (if needed) and filter, refill with fluid and check for leaks.

A transmission service is one way to prolong the life of your transmission. We recommend servicing your transmission every 30,000 - 60,000 miles depending usage and type of vehicle/ transmission fluid. There seems to be a misconception that a transmission service is a transmission fix. A transmission service is strictly a maintenance procedure, just like changing your oil. In 99.99% of cases a service will not fix a transmission problem.

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Electrical Systems

From batteries and starters to radios and windshield wipers, your car depends on electricity to function properly. When your vehicle's electrical system starts to fail, it not only changes your driving comfort, but can also be a serious situation if it's not dealt with quickly. At Maximum Overdrive Transmission, we know electrical systems and our Redkey location is outfitted to handle any problem.

Maximum Overdrive Transmission has the right combination of experience, knowledge, and professional automotive equipment. Most transmissions nowadays are computer controlled. These sensors and solenoids inside the transmission can fail. Your transmission problem maybe due to a sensor not a major failure. In this case, we would be able to find this problem and save you money.

Don't ignore your Dash-lights! Your dash-lights are controlled by fuses that can burn out. It is important for these lights to work. If your engine light is on this could mean more than you think. There is not enough room in the dash for a transmission light. So, when you have a transmission problem your engine light may light up. This is why it is important to scan the vehicle to diagnose the correct problem.

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